December, 2017

What a year this has been! So many of us feel as though we have finally hit the home stretch. Just a few more days and 2017 will be behind us. We will be standing firmly in a new year…and hopefully a better year.

I have often talked about the Laws of the Cosmic Cycles, based on the number 7. The last (7th) cycle is the cycle of destruction; the devolution of what was; letting go or shedding that which no longer is wanted or serves you. Looking back over the past year, much of what has been ugly, hidden, negative, divisive or otherwise pernicious or poisonous to society or civilization has been unmasked and laid open for all to see and witness. The term ‘underbelly’ comes to mind when I think of the darkness that has sat brewing underneath the guise of  decorum, or the ‘appropriate attitudes towards humanity’; or, the moral majority. Laying bare all that has been hidden, shuffled behind curtains or swept under the rug for no one to see, has brought light to an enigma that has plagued our nation(s) for centuries.

We have and are coming to the end of many cycles. Cycles of power, greed, corruption and hate, that have never seen light but have existed only in utter darkness, are now laying bare with the light of truth and honesty blazing down upon it. And, with the shining of this light comes pain. Just like when you come out from a darkened theatre into the bright sunlight of day, it is painful … maybe only momentarily, but painful nonetheless. You may not be able to see clearly for awhile; everything seeming blurry or out of focus. But eventually, with persistence, your vision returns and the shocking pain of the light subsides. The pain becomes a thing of the past; a distant memory. But the realization of what you saw, what you witnessed will forever be burned into your memory.

2017 has been a year of tragedy and loss; of shootings and road rage; of strange and ridiculous behaviors; of heroes and heroines; of fear and recklessness; of political lies and bullying; of courage and fearlessness; of right and wrong; of corruption and perversion; and, of tyrannical tweeting and political folly.

This is where we are right now … working our way out of the muck and darkness that seems to have descended upon us. December will continue the unraveling and revealing of what has laid hidden, secreted into an abyss of darkness. But as we move towards the end of December, the ‘light’ of the new moon and winter solstice will be our opportunity to put forth the positive, uplifting and renewed energy we want to spawn through the new year. Just as difficult as it is to witness and work our way through the end of this cycle, so too will it be difficult to carve out a new order for the coming year(s).

Change is difficult. However, remaining status quo is not an option. As one cycle ends, another one begins. Drop your old, depleted and archaic habits, thoughts and patterns now…in this December. And prepare yourself to step into a new, changing, inspirited and inspiring new year and the new cosmic cycle.




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