Happy Christmas Eve!
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your kind and generous donations to our adopted families. Yes … families. We were able to help out 2 families this year. One family of 4 ran into some hard times due to the illness of one of the parents. The illness put their family’s Christmas at risk, so we were able to help out with a small financial donation. The second family of 7 received the majority of your donation.
I am including some photos of the Christmas donation we were able to make to this large family of 5 boys. In addition, we were able to provide a full Thanksgiving day of food; providing breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. Part of your Christmas gifts included approximately 20 lbs. of turkey, 18 lbs. of chicken, 15 lbs. of pork, 15 lbs. of ground beef, 8 lbs. of ham, 4 lbs. of bacon, and plenty of fruits, vegetables, dairy, as well as other household products. Your generous donations will continue to help this family for weeks to come, and fill their hearts with hope, love and the true spirit of Christmas.
Thank you all so very much. I am also including a link ( to an essay about ‘The Wisdom of Giving’. If you have time or interest in reading it, I’m sure you will see yourself reflected in its sage words.
May the spirit of Christmas and the Holiday Season be with you now and throughout the coming year of 2018

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