What Our Clients Say About Us …


When I began my work with Gayle Joseph nearly two years ago, I came to her after 10 years of being treated (with varying degrees of success) by several other therapists offering cranial-sacral, Reiki, deep tissue massage, hypnosis, guided imagery, TAT, acupuncture, aqua therapy, physical therapy and Tai Chi. In addition, I had several surgeries by this point and believed that as far as my health was concerned, this was as good as it was going to get. However, because she was so highly recommended, I embarked on my sessions with Gayle more out of curiosity than anything else. What I discovered over the course of the next two years is nothing short of remarkable.

Our sessions were a combination of Reiki infused body work, massage, energy release, medical intuitive readings, energy healing and cellular memory release. From the onset, I knew I had never experienced anything quite like what Gayle was practicing. Utilizing her amazing talents and intuitive abilities, she guided me through the maze that had become an entanglement of suppressed memories and emotions that had manifested into physical ailments. While I was aware of the relationship between the emotional and physical aspects of the body from previous therapists, Gayle took this awareness to a new level of understanding that enabled me to believe I did not have to continue to be ill. At every turn, it seemed I was holding a suppressed memory in the exact place my body experienced intense pain or some affliction. For me, this was a startling discovery and became the impetus for beginning the process of revealing absolutely anything and everything that prevented me from realizing a full physical and emotional recovery.

Part of this process involved recognizing recurring patterns in my life that inhibited healing. By bringing these patterns to the surface and helping me fully understand the implication of each, Gayle made me an integral part of my own healing. As a result, I have learned to take responsibility for my actions, my thoughts, my choices and my beliefs–all of which conspired to keep me in a very dark place filled with self doubt, self-deprecation, repressed emotions, negative thinking and complete acceptance of the notion that I deserved to be so ill. Now, it’s as though a tremendous fog has been lifted and I can see clearly for the first time. As I write this, I realize how cliche that must sound. Regardless, I experienced a paradigm shift deep within my soul that has allowed me to change the way I view myself, my illness and my relationships with others. I have become physically stronger, emotionally balanced and spiritually revitalized. I feel better than I have in years. In fact, I am actually investigating ways to re-enter the work force after a 10 year hiatus.

The work was not easy but it was rewarding in ways that are difficult to articulate. As I move forward, I take with me the tools Gayle provided to become a healthy, self-reliant, whole person. Because of the progress I made, I urged friends and family members to schedule sessions with her. Many of them did with excellent results. I urge everyone to do the same. Undoubtedly, Gayle’s impact on my life and wellness convinced me that a future filled with good health, happiness and peace can be a reality… if that is what I choose. You can bet I do.


I first went to see Gayle Joseph more than 3 years ago. She was my first experience with Reiki and Reiki Infused-Bodywork Massage. My first, and every experience since, has been wonderful. I leave each session/treatment feeling totally at peace, clam and relaxed (which is a huge accomplishment when it comes to me). I really do feel the balance of my mind, body and spirit at the end of each session.

It is a blessing to find someone with such compassion, wisdom and a true gift of healing.


I began working with Gayle about 2 years ago. I did not know exactly what to expect but a recommendation, and my instincts told me to pursue. From my first session I felt a warm caring connection with Gayle which has remained to this day. Being a type ‘A’ personality in love with life I tend to create a full plate in many areas of my life including work, family and friends, and spiritual work. I include in this over 100,000 miles of travel a year. Nearly 56 years young I get out of balance and occasionally mentally and or physically fatigued with such a lifestyle. Seeing, and working with Gayle I have been able to better correct these imbalances quickly. Besides having a sense of comfort and healing I feel like I have a well being coach at my side. Gayle never pushes, or preaches but knows exactly the best way to get me what I need when I need it.


After about 5 years in my adopted state of Arizona, my lungs started to fill, I developed a deep constant cough that quickly resulted in great chest soreness, next my temperature went up, joints swelled so that walking was a challenge and over 6 weeks lost 35 pounds.

My doctors (GP and specialists) treated me for pneumonia, allergies and then best guesses, but I got worse and worse over 2 months. I was finally able to have Gayle give me two treatments on successive days and I was immediately cured and on a short path to recovery. When Gayle treated me she asked my wife who was trained as a nurse to assist and observe. All I can say is what I experienced and my wife observed was a miracle. Later when I saw my Medical Doctor they agreed the result of Gayle’s intervention was exactly what I need to cure a thing they call ‘Valley Fever’. ‘Valley Fever’ is a serious condition that is only found in the deserts of the southwest and has no real treatment.

Thanks Gayle.


I asked God to help me find the words. Where do I begin?

I was sent to Gayle by Linda. I was lost and running from a blocked childhood of abuse, to where I was just existing, trying to survive day by day, as I did as a child. I knew I needed to find my path to a better place, and Gayle helped me down that path.

Each time I saw her, she brought me to a place she felt I needed to go, and step by step, through her gifts of healing, she helped me to keep pushing forward without giving up. She also helped me to understand the cycles of life.

Being the warm and caring person that she is, she allowed me to feel comfort and believe in myself, that I will be okay.


On November 1, 2007, I was told I had a tumor on my spine… and so the battle began. I have gone through cycles of questions and emotions over the last 9 months and keep coming back to the same place in my mind…why, why me, what is the purpose?

The tumor in its location was inoperable. The doctors said it was Cancer, but could not tell me what kind. However, I was not as afraid of the tumor as much as I was the drugs and the doctors who did not acknowledge that I was a human being. During treatment, I received one dose of radiation to the tumor. I was negligently overdosed with steroids and given a pain medication that the doctors knew I was allergic to. In early December, a main artery burst in my small intestine and I lost 7 pints of blood. I spent 8 days in ICU, not sure if I was going to make it. Many of my friends and family felt the same way.

Over the next 5 months, I was at home, could not walk without a cane, and was back and forth in the hospital with more complications. My family and friends took turns taking care of me when I was at home. I asked God to please take me out of this earth, but each morning I awoke to begin again. I am here, tonight, and writing this letter…. Why? Why am I still here I ask …. The only answer I know is… God and His awesome universe have other plans for me.

These are the things I know for sure today –
1) When you need help, the universe provides it, sometimes in forms or ways that may not match your thoughts of what it should be.
2) We have choices– give up, give in or fight.
3) And most important, we have been given an awesome power in our spirit to BELIEVE in what we cannot see with our eyes!

I gave up at first, then I gave in to a greater power than my own and I finally I chose to believe – and put all these things to the test to see if they were true. I found them to be true. We are all connected to one God, One Universe and the power that is available to us has no end.

Today, the tumor, I call it the ‘monkey on my back’ is almost gone. By the way, the doctors still do not know what ‘it’ is. You are now wondering, what did I do….What does it mean to fight?

One, God encircled me with many friends and family who lifted me up in prayer and sent me their energy from around the globe. God also set Gayle upon my path at just the right time. I trust Gayle, I did what she said I should do. This was hard for me at times – It did not always make logical and egotistical sense. I learned from her about Indian healing practices – meditating, smudging, and cedar tea and sweat ceremonies. Every morning, I would meditate, smudge and say my prayers and positive affirmations – She helped me write them. I tell this ‘monkey on my back’ every morning – ‘you have served your purpose, you are not part of my body, you are not welcome here – now you must leave!’ I meditated on the tumor shrinking and dying each day.

I was put in contact with a holistic nutritionist, her name is Sandy – Another person God put on my path. My body from the drugs, loss of blood, transfusions and overall stress was a mess. I had no immune system. My body was no longer absorbing nutritional value from the food I ate – another side effect of the steroids I was given. Sandy evaluated me and gave me vitamins and other nutrients to rebuild my body’s ability to put up a good fight. During this time, I did much research of foods – whole foods, whole food vitamins and what types of foods build our bodies to fight tumors and cancers.

In June, I attended a healing sweat ceremony with Archie and Gayle. The experience was intense. All I know is that weekend I prepared by fasting and meditating – I kept saying – I am going to be healed and I am going to leave all this stuff in the lodge. It holds no value for me and I do not want it anymore. How wonderful to have the release from the physical, the mental worrying, and the emotional baggage – the tumor has gone from about the size of a golf ball to the size of a pea. Gayle truly has healing hands – she is a true instrument of God! I would not be here today to write this letter – if these things were not true.


On September 16, 2008, I was confronted with what is every pet owner’s most difficult decision … “Should I have my pet put down?” Bruno, my 8 1/2-year old Black Labrador Retriever, was diagnosed with a tumor near the base of his heart. The tumor had secreted fluid, which had built up within the sack holding his heart. The fluid created such pressure on Bruno’s heart that his blood pressure became dangerously low and was no longer able to deliver oxygen to his body, leaving him in a state of terrible distress. I was able to get him to an emergency vet where they were able to drain the fluid and relieve the pressure from his heart. Though he was doing better, the vet was not optimistic about his long term recovery and suggested I put him down. Since Bruno was not in any pain and I was not able to make a quick decision, I took him home and thought about our options. Through my grief the answer became clear and I called Gayle.

I have been a client of Gayle’s for a few years and though I have never had a tumor, she has done amazing things for my health. She was more than willing to treat Bruno and started Reiki treatments on him immediately. It was truly amazing to watch the healing process. He knew that he was getting better and embraced Gayle and the Reiki. I saw an instant improvement in his strength and knew the Reiki was the only thing that would work. In time he has become his old self, taking long walks and fishing down in the creek.

Bruno is still a client of Gayle’s and a regular at the Cedar Water healing Lodge. Besides the water, I don’t think there is a place Bruno like to be more than visiting Gayle and the lodge. Without Gayle, I am sure I would not have Bruno today. Many people have a hard time understanding why Gayle and I would go to such lengths to help an animal, but he is the only creature that greets me with pure joy. It has been 7+ months, and Bruno and I are truly grateful to Gayle for every day.