How The Body Heals Class Is Coming!

Ever wonder what causes random, chronic or acute health issues? How The Body Heals … Root Causes for Common Symptoms will help answer those questions.

When your health is in balance, it is in balance in all aspects of your Being; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When one aspect is out of balance, so too is your health.


In this class you will learn how to identify the root causes to some very common symptoms, while learning how to interpret a body’s signals. Not all bodies are alike, so it is important to understand how the body stores emotion, physical and spiritual events; and how those events can effect a person’s health and well-being immediately and later in life.

We will begin by spending sometime understanding the organs, systems, and glands. We will dive deep into the seven major chakras, their specific aspects and areas of governess, and explore the multi-layered auric body system, defining each layer with its purpose, frequency, and structure. We will discuss how various parts of the anatomy hold different types of emotions, images, and traumas, and how dis-ease and illnesses can begin to form and take root in our physical body; including illnesses like cancer, IBS, lower back pain, hip or knee problems, fibromyalgia, lupus, or COPD, just to name a few.

You will have the opportunity to practice all techniques discussed and demonstrated during class, and will receive a copy of all training materials for future reference. We cover a lot of information in two quick but beneficial days!

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New Class Offering

Those of you who have been ‘on my table’ before know that I work beyond just your physical body. I spend most of my time clearing or doing some type of work on the ‘other layers’ of your Being, and often ask questions or talk about those things I find in those ‘other layers’. In the past I have offered classes only to those in the healing arts profession explaining these other layers, how our bodies store various emotions, traumas and memories, and how these stored energies could lead to dis-ease, illness or chronic pain. Today I would like to open that class up to everyone interested in learning about their body in its entirety.

Understanding how the body functions is critical to understanding how it will heal. While the physical aspect of our bodies function similarly, there are other aspects of our body that are unique to each of us. Science is just beginning to recognize these other aspects. In fact it wasn’t all that long ago that science determined we had a parasympathetic system as well as a sympathetic system, or that there resided within each of us an autonomic nervous system which is separate from our physical nervous system! This class … How Your Body Works – Root Causes of Common Symptoms … will help you better understand how your body works; how your body responds to stresses; how your body stores emotions, traumas, images and memories. You will better understand why more and more people are requiring hip and knee replacements, or why there is a rise in various chronic illnesses or diseases. And, you will better understand what is a symptom and where you might find the root cause!

One Nation Elder’s Gathering, 2013

I find it hard to believe we are at the end of April and rounding the corner on May! So much has been going on at the Lodge it seems to make time fly! But there is yet so much more to do in preparation for the Ancient Wisdom Keeper’s Weekend.

This Gathering is a very special time for us Natives. For one thing, it is held on and around the Summer Solstice. For most North American Natives, this is a time of celebration for the start of summer and a time of abundance. It is during this time that families would come together in joyful merriment, dancing, feasting, and sometimes the witnessing of couples getting married. While we don’t have any couples getting married, we will be feasting, dancing, making music, and listening to what the Elders have to say!

This year we begin at 7:00am Friday morning, June 21st, with the lighting of the Sacred Fire. Fire is one of our sacred medicines, and this fire will burn throughout the weekend, providing everyone the opportunity to place their prayers in either a pinch of corn meal or tobacco and offering it to the fire. The Sacred Fire then turns those prayers into smoke so they can be carried up to the Creator.

Many teachings are presented during this weekend event. Historical traditions and culture can be observed and learned throughout the weekend … while listening to the Elders in circle or during one of the many breakout sessions. However, we also look to the future and speak of our desire and need as a people of many races, cultures and creeds to come together as One Nation. And we know that for that to happen, we must heal … our body, mind and spirit. So … Saturday evening we offer to everyone an opportunity to experience a traditional healing in our Sacred Arbor Circle. It is within this Arbor that the Sacred Fire and most of the weekend events are held, and it is in this Circle that the foundation of One Nation can and will be built.

This is a great time to learn about the old ways … the ways of walking as one with Mother Earth and all of creation. It is a great way of bringing balance back into your life, harmony into your breath and Being, and peace into your heart and soul.

For more information and to buy your ticket to this event, click on Tell Me More! Children 12 years of age and under are free. Discounts are available for group and family tickets.


Backpack for Kids Program

It’s that time of the year when parents and kids are looking towards the start of the new school year. However, with the economy in Michigan the way it is, some parents are finding it difficult to come up with the supplies needed to send their child(ren) off to school fully prepared. While many of the Backpack Programs you find center around feeding children over the weekend, the program I am supporting is currently focused on supplying the items needed to be productive in school. (This is not to say, however, I will not in the future begin or participate in a Backpack Program for Kids that sends home food for them for the weekend.)

Below is our wish list of items.

 Backpacks – sturdy
 Pencils – No. 2 & mechanical pencils
 Pencils – Colored
 Pencil box/pencil zippered bag
 Pens – red, black, blue (regular, erasable)
 Crayons (24-pack)
 Markers (washable, unscented, primary colors)
 Highlighters
 Glue sticks
 Ruler
 Scissors
 Erasers – small & large (pink type)
 Folders – two pocket (Duo-Tang or similar)
 Paper – three ring loose leaf
 Notebooks – spiral

The school year is FAST approaching, so please, if you are interested, we need to move fast on this! I would like to receive your donations before Labor Day Weekend! If you are interested in helping support our future through this program, please contact me at 248-865-1735 or contact me by clicking here!

Vision Quest

As a Nation of People, we have moved away from the simple ways of life that had kept us in touch with Nature, the Great Mystery and our guiding Spirits. Today we turn to a variety of stores, service centers, agencies and healthcare providers for our food, clothing, housing, protection, and medicines. Because we turn to so many others for guidance and to tell us what we need to know, we rarely take the time to listen to, connective with, or witness that which surrounds and guides us (or tries to guide us) in a way that is in our own best interest.

The Vision Quest is a way for people to disconnect from the mundane, hectic and chaotic way of life and (re)connect with their internal voice or Spirit. Through this connection with Spirit, people are able to seek answers to whatever problems may be plaguing them … physical, emotional, or spiritual.

It is during this time, usually spent alone in the wilderness, that we seek our truth and our connection to the Divine. Left alone in a 10 foot circle with nothing more than a tent and sleeping bag, it becomes a time of internal transformation and renewal of the Spirit.

We will be offering the Vision Quest in two forms this year … the Warrior Quest and the Gatherer Quest. When doing the Warrior Quest, you are left alone in the wilderness for up to 4 days. Someone will check on you each day, but it a time of isolation. When doing the Gatherer Quest, you are in a large circle with others in the wilderness for up to 2 days.

More information about these two Vision Quests will be presented within the next couple of weeks; however, if you are interested, please contact us!

Wisdom Keepers’ Weekend Update

Everyone is getting ready for the weekend! There is so much work behind the scenes when it comes to preparing an event like this, that it can become quite mind boggling! For one thing, we built a new arbor … I like to call it the Gathering Arbor, because we will gather in this space for many, many future events, starting with the Wisdom weekend!

Building the Gathering Arbor was a labor of love … led and conducted by Gary Meritt, my son-in-law. It had a very transforming effect on him and everyone who had the pleasure of working on it. Not only is it a beautiful work of art, but it holds an amazing spiritual presence. You have to be in it to truly experience it. The pictures on Facebook cannot do it justice!

Bringing together the Elders. What a great group of Elders we have to speak! From many different walks of life, from a variety of geographical locations, carrying similar but varied traditions (Lakota, Ojibwa, Passamaquoddy, Cherokee), and all speaking from their heart and ancient ways.

The Council has been busy working on crafts and sprucing up the Medicine Wheel, repairing the tipi, planting and weeding the gardens, and attending Ceremonies.

In addition, so many people have stepped up, volunteering their time and effort to make this weekend a success. You will have an opportunity to meet these dedicated souls during the weekend as they help you find your way to registration, parking, the Arbor, canteen and vendors.

We all look forward to having you present and participating in the events, the songs, dance, and music of the weekend!