Graceful Elegant Necklace  SOLD

This captivating necklace is designed with small glass and metal beads and pieces of turquoise. Lightweight and stunning. $45


Lavender & Lilac Necklace SOLD

Amethyst, onyx and lavender glass beads make up this 24″ necklace. $45


Bear & Leather Necklace  SOLD

This 18″ leather necklace carries a wood carved and polished bear. $30 


Silver Wrapped Quartz Crystal SOLD

20″ silver chain with pink seed bead. $40


Silver Wrapped Small Quartz Crystal  SOLD

$24″ silver chain with turquoise chip. $45



28″ necklace with multiple glass beads, large flat wooden beads and natural quartz ivory pendant. $45


Green & Black

20″ necklace with green glass beads and black polished pendant. $30


Turquoise, Wood & Seed Bead Necklace

20″ necklace. $40


Memory Necklace

NOT FOR SALE.  This necklace was designed and made for a mother of a fallen son. Each item on the ring represented an aspect of the son’s life on a 36″ silver chain. These necklaces are custom made and the price is based on the number and quality of charms used.

Family Necklaces can also be designed and made for mothers, sisters, aunts and friends.

Mixed Medley

Polished and unpolished gemstones, freshwater pearls, smoky quartz and natural stones dot this beautiful spring and summer necklace and earrings. $45

Quartz Crystal and Leather

Known as the master healer, quartz crystals help clarify thoughts, increase energy and strengthen other crystal energies. $35


Wrapped in bronze and attached to leather, this arrowhead is over 2″ long. The arrowhead held many meanings, depending on the Native American Tribe. However, it was often believed to keep the wearer alert and safe from illness or other harmful events.  $30

Angel Mist

A truly beautiful pendant made from completely natural chalcedony, a form of quartz. Chalcedony is believed to bring the wearer emotional balance, harmony in the body, mind and spirit, and absorbs negative energy. $45

Double Quartz Crystal Pendant

Know as the ‘master healer’, it is believed to bring balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit of the wearer. It helps to enhance psychic abilities, concentration and unlock ‘hidden’ memories. $50

Her Favorite Things

Create a necklace just for her with all of her favorite things in life, e.g., children, music, marriage, golf, gambling, horses, love, laughter, etc.  Price dependent on design.


If you find something you are interested in, have questions or would like a piece custom made for you, please contact me by clicking on here.