Welcoming September, 2017

I took a walk today with Michael, my grandson. Prior to our walk, he commented on what a beautiful day it was and how fortunate we are to be in Michigan, and not in Texas. To date hurricane Harvey has dumped over 21 trillion gallons of water on Houston, which is more than 3 times the amount dropped by Katrina in 2005. The immense power of Mother Nature is simply mind-blowing. Not being there makes it very difficult to imagine such a force of overwhelming destruction, but the images are clear of the desperation these people are living and feeling.

With Michael’s comments fresh on my mind, I found myself witnessing each moment in awe and gratitude. The turtles, herons, birds, fish, squirrels and chipmunks were viewed and admired for their beauty, innocence and ‘busy ways’. It made for a most enjoyable walk, and I am thankful he thought to ask me to go with him.

Something we did notice as we were walking were the subtle changes of color happening to various varieties of foliage, and the blooming of the lotus flowers on the still waters filled with lily pads. The dense fog, crisp morning air and shorter days are all signs of the passing of summer, not to mention the beginning of another school year. With the highly charged energies from the recent solar eclipse and the coming autumnal equinox with its own profound yet retiring energies, September will be a month to remember.

Take advantage of this month and all it has to offer.

  • Visit a farm stand and buy some fresh, out of the garden fruits and vegetables. Support your local farmers while remembering what real, unadulterated food really tastes like.
  • Visit one of the many city, county or state parks. Take a walk in nature, swim, boat or play a round of golf. Fill your lungs with some fresh air and shake up that stagnate routine you call life.
  • Attend a fair, festival or outdoor concert. Meet and support those in your local community.
  • Have a BBQ and invite your friends, neighbors and family. Gather together and let everyone (including yourself) put their daily troubles behind them, sharing laughter, music and friendship.
  • Share what you have with those less fortunate. You’ll reap the rewards 10 fold.
  • If you can, volunteer your time, energy and support to the tens of thousands who have been displaced by Harvey.
  • Embrace each day with patience, generosity and kindness; make it your legacy.

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you
pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-



The New Moon/Solar Eclipse of August, 2017

When I think about the year 2017, I can’t help but shake my head. This has been a year of change, confusion, turmoil, chaos, upheaval and violence. The energy is pervasive, seeping into our thoughts and lives. No matter where you call home or where you WANT to call home, you cannot escape it. You can almost feel it trying to tamp down anything and everything that is uplifting or inspirational in your life. So hold on…this energy is about to ramp up. But, if you pay attention, you can harness this energy, using it as a positive, motivating force for yourself and your life.

The New Moon always ushers in a new cycle; a new 4-week cycle for new beginnings. In those hours of darkness, you have the opportunity to let go of old unhealthy, unwanted habits and replacing them with more healthful, desired life patterns. Lunar and solar eclipses usher in new cycles as well. In this case, the solar eclipse represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of new 6-month cycle, ending in January, 2018 on the lunar eclipse.

The specific aspects of this solar eclipse focuses on all the personal areas of your life, including the home, feelings, emotions and close relationships. This is especially true for women. The energetic power and force of the Sun helps to bring these areas of life into focus. Problems that have been lingering or simmering in these areas can be observed, considered and resolved in a positive way.

You will continue to feel the effects of this solar eclipse for the next 6-months, but fear not…there are many positive attributes here. This is a great time to begin, or continue, your pursuit of your own personal identity, passions, and path. Throughout our lives, we may find ourselves so focused on others or our careers that we wander away from our own true nature, interests or calling. You may have lost sight of what truly ‘makes your heart sing’, what stirs that deep craving, or when you were young, what you had always promised yourself you would do, see or accomplish.

Take this time to make those changes in your life that will lead you towards a happier, more fulfilling life here on Mother Earth. Over the next 3-7 days, you may experience a strong urge to modify or overhaul some personal aspect of your life. As a general rule, it is important to remember…

When one door closesanother opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us … Alexander Graham Bell


Saying Goodbye

As I sit here writing this post, I find myself holding my breath; afraid to breathe because the pain is so intense and profound. This has been a difficult year; a year of loss and change. Change, I tell myself, is often a good thing. While it may be painful or uncomfortable initially, with time its effects are usually for the better. And while you can look at loss as a part of change, here I am talking about the deep, painful loss of someone you love and is an everyday part of your life. If you have never lost anyone in your life like this, please know that someday you will.

Yesterday, August 11, 2017, we lost such a person. Bob and AnnMarie have been a part of our life for more than 30 years; my husband’s best friend, buddy, confidante and compadre. A man we loved, honored and respected in every possible way. A man we turned to for advice, counsel, fun and laughter. A man of the highest integrity, principle, and compassion. There aren’t enough words to describe his character and the long reaching effect and influence he has had on so many people. To know Bob, was to love him.

But the intense pain isn’t just about the passing of this strong, wonderful man; its about the hole that is left in so many lives…his wife, daughter, grandchildren, family, and the hundreds of people who called him friend. I look at our own lives, my husband and me, and see this large, gapping hole that bleeds so profusely I can’t even imagine how it will ever heal. It is true what they say about death being painful for the ones left behind; for this is a pain I wish for no one.

It is during these moments you realize the frailty of life and how fortunate you are or have been. You look at your loved ones and pray you never devastate them in this same way…knowing full well it will happen one day. I look at Bob’s family and what lies ahead of them and pray I never have to face that…recognizing I’ve been fortunate, but it could just as easily be me.

Since January, 2016, as a family we have suffered a great deal of personal loss. 5 weeks ago we lost our favorite and treasured Uncle, another humble and honorable man, and of course our wounds are still quite raw and open from that. But losing Bob has taken us over the top. How does one recover?

New Moon of July, 2017

The fullness of this month’s New Moon appears early Sunday morning, July 23rd. As we continue to move through this month of spiritual movement, embrace the absence of Grandmother Moon’s light and instead, reveal to yourself and all who see you the light that glows within your heart and soul; your essence. Each of us enters this world, this life, with our own flame of life and light; the flame and light of love. We often witness it in the faces of babies and young children; sometimes called the look of innocence. We continue to carry that flame all through our lives; but unfortunately, all too often we forget it is there, and instead look outside ourselves for that ever elusive light of love.

Use this time of darkness to grow and glow your own light of love. Allow it to light your way. If you find yourself feeling lost, out of balance, confused or depressed, take a moment to quiet your mind. Then, reaching deep within you, feel the warmth, comfort and strength of your own brilliant light. Allow the light to expand outward, lighting everything in your presence, including you.

If you want to continue your spiritual movement now and throughout the remainder of this year, grow your own flame and light of love. It will help burn away those hours of darkness. The basis of your future is all up to you.

The Spirit of Movement – July

July is an interesting month. June was all about celebrations, holding positive energies and attitudes, and peppered with some revelations of Self. July, on the other hand, is about movement; the movement forward, backward or sidestepping.

Many of us in the northern hemisphere spend our winter months longing for the return of those warmer, sunnier days of summer. We entertain thoughts and dreams of what we would do when freed from the confines of short, dreary, cold winter days. We plan trips to beaches, parks, festivals and out of town locations. We plan for family gatherings, seeing friends, and spending time planting gardens, mowing lawns, doing home improvements and conquering other major and minor chores.

July’s energetic imprint is one of ‘full steam ahead’. With the Sun’s masculine energy coupled with Mother Earth’s feminine energy, the spirit of movement (or growth) is in abundance. For example, if you planted a garden, lawn, shrubs or trees within the last couple of months, you are witnessing the spirit of movement in action. The same spirit that causes plants, trees and grasses to grow directly effects you; through your thoughts, attitudes, intentions, moods, aspirations, and well-being.

Use the spirit of movement to grow your own positive thoughts and attitude.

  • When you find yourself talking, reacting or otherwise reflecting a negative attitude, ask yourself if this is the type of person you want to be, now and into the future.
  • If you find yourself gossiping about others or saying hurtful things, stop and ask yourself why this behavior is so important to you.
  • If you find yourself judging another person for their actions, words or appearance, take a moment to look into a mirror and see if that judgment has improved or hindered your own status in some way.

Use the spirit of movement to set or establish your own intentions, mood and aspirations.

  • Using the masculine heat from Grandfather Sun and the feminine energy and nurturing from Mother Earth, take a few minutes each day to allow this spirit of movement to grow in your heart a sense of worth, purpose and determination.
  • When feeling less than optimistic or positive, spend some time in nature, touch a tree, walk barefoot, or sit in the grass or on a bench. Allow yourself the freedom to breathe in some fresh air, touch the face of Mother Earth, and be embraced by Grandfather Sun’s warming rays.
  • Whatever your aspirations, think about them when out of doors; energizing your thoughts, dreams and goals with the spirit of movement from all of Nature.

Use the spirit of movement to support and bolster your sense of well-being.

  • If you find yourself being plagued by doubts, fears or anxiety, take some time and go to the beach or a park. Find a place near water where you can swim or just watch the waves roll in and back out. The ebb and flow motion will help to relieve the unwanted (and warranted) emotional stress and help reset your internal rhythm.
  • Our body has a way of signaling when changes begin to take place within it. Sometimes it is simply signals due to physical stress or mental overload. If you can find a cedar tree, pull a small amount of the fern, rub it together between your fingers and breathe in the healthful fragrance. Its aroma will signal the brain to relax.

“Summer is the time when one sheds one’s tensions with one’s clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all’s right with the world.”
–  Ada Louise Huxtable

June’s Full Strawberry Moon

Back in the day, when the Original People lived in tepees, longhouses, pueblos or other types of homes and dwellings, this was the full moon of ripened berries (e.g., strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries), green leaves and the beginning of hot, sunny days. It is a time of growing abundance; of food sources, warm weather, freedoms to hunt and roam the lands, of available water to drink, bathe, cook and use. And, it comes during the month of the Summer Solstice.

The 3-days of June’s Full Moon runs from Thursday, June 8th – Saturday, June 10th, and is about growth and the movement forward. Use the fullness of this time to see your full potential, and to prepare to set a coarse to reach that goal.

The Full Moon is about completion and reaching the full expression or goal. As you begin to prepare your own coarse, remember these simple truths…

  • There will always be things that can hold you back, if you let them;
  • There will always be people, places, things, and events that can appear negative, if you choose to see them in that light;
  • There will always be things that seem heavy and burdensome, if you decide to put more time, energy and weight into them than they need or deserve;
  • There will always be things that limit you and your ability to experience life, if you want to be confined or inferior;
  • There will always be things that can scare or frighten you, if you choose to live in fear; and,
  • There will always be excuses available, if you simply don’t want to take responsibility for your own health, happiness, peace and contentment.

Make this the Full Moon that moved you to begin the process of reshaping the person and life you want to be and live.


June’s Revelations

June is a month for revelations. Dictionary.com defines revelations this way … something revealed or disclosed, especially a striking disclosure, as of something not before realized. The Universe has a way of presenting to each of us exactly what we need to know or experience so we can continue on our journey of self-awareness, self-discovery and conscious living. These revelations come when we are open to truth and honesty within ourselves. When we are willing to listen and hear a different voice, perhaps a ‘voice of reason’, speak words with a different message, or provide a different ‘slant’ or view that reaches something within you. It is a moment of discovery; of a revelation.

Too often we stay stuck in our position, opinion or idea of how things or people ought to be. Throughout our lives we have responded and reacted to people and events based on those deeply coded positions, opinions and ideas. We often have beliefs that have been with us throughout our lives, and maybe have served us well. But what about those times when they leave you feeling less than honest? Less comfortable? Miserable? Embarrassed? Maybe even a little ashamed?

How many times in the last year have you questioned yourself about how you were feeling after you reacted to a stressful, disappointing or personally intimidating event? How many times, in the past year, have you found yourself in a joyful, lighthearted, upbeat frame of mind, only to be brought down by some event or some other person’s actions, deeds or words? And, how did you respond? Did you carry the attitude with you for awhile?

Negative energy, and negativity, isn’t as easy to shed as it used to be, back when you were a kid and life seemed a little easier. As you move through the month of June, you may find yourself feeling bombarded by negativity.  As though a continuous storm of chaos, hatred, selfishness and narcissism has somehow descended upon our beautiful planet Earth. No matter where you turn, it is there…feeding on the reactions of pent up fear, anxiety, frustration and hostility here and around the globe. This negative energy is so prevalent, it sometimes goes unnoticed…as though it has become the norm. So, maintaining a positive state of mind and attitude can be difficult at best.

Through this month of June, take the time to reveal to yourself and to others the opposite energy. The energy of positivity. June is a time of celebrations, e.g., graduations, weddings, Father’s Day, warm weather, picnics and parties. Can you carry that same uplifting, celebratory energy with you? Look around you.

  • What is it that moves you into that place of negativity?
  • When experiencing your own sense of negativity, where does it come from?
  • Is it coming from old beliefs or does it feel personal?
  • Who among your friends, family and co-workers tends to lift your mood?
  • Who among them tends to darken your mood?
  • What is the quickest way for you to pull yourself out of a negative mood or situation?
  • What can you do this month that will move you towards your own personal revelations?
  • What part of conscious living do you practice?
    • Can you listen without judgment?
    • Are you willing to hear an opposite viewpoint?
    • Can you accept without prejudice another’s opinion?
    • Can you drop the idea that you are, of course, right?
    • Can you honestly, openly and truthfully question your own ideas and beliefs, while looking at what others hold as their own ideas and beliefs?

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken. ~James Dent