Rachelle Haig

Rachelle has always felt herself called to help others. Having survived a childhood filled with addictions, physical, emotional and mental abuse, Rachelle turned her attention to building a better life…a life of healing, not only for herself but for all those who sought the guidance, help and nurturing only a true survivor and healer could provide. Her husband, Joe, and 2 children, Joe and Mallory, have experienced and witnessed Rachelle’s natural healing abilities. Even her dog, Smokie, has realized the benefits!

In addition to being a wife and a mother, Rachelle has been a 6th grade teacher for 15 years, helping, guiding and educating children. From the very beginning of her career as a teacher, she knew she had more to give than just the standard curriculum. She learned early on that she possessed an intuition about children, and their social and emotional needs; and, has remained grateful to be able to help each of them.

However, as her family and career grew, she still found herself feeling depressed and filled with anxiety. Her life seemed dark and unfulfilled.

After a few years of counseling and anti-depression medication, Rachelle found Reiki. After her first encounter with it, she fell in love with it…feeling as though it had lifted her to a whole new place. She felt different and wanting more. One day, after a chance encounter with a woman, she learned about Reiki classes being held at the Cedar Water Healing Lodge. She began wondering how this could happen – someone that she didn’t know, talking to her about Reiki??? She began to wonder how many people knew about Reiki and its impact on health and healing? This chance encounter made her decide to dive in and learn all she could about the techniques and healing properties of Reiki. She took every class and read every book available to her. Further into her studies, she came to learn about soul retrieval, and the benefits of deep soul healing. Her life kept improving and filled with a contentment she had never felt before. Continuing her practice of Reiki, Rachelle soon realized people were finding their way to her private healing center, and reaping greater and greater benefits with each and every session.

She likes to tell people that each and every person is a unique being. We all have different social and emotional needs and histories; different cellular vibrations; different levels of consciousness.  Rachelle would love to walk with you through your journey towards better health and healing.