Past Life Regression

Many of you have heard the term, the Akashic Records. Akash is an ancient Hindu word meaning luminous radiance. Sometimes called The Book of Life, it is not just an Eastern philosophy idea. It is mentioned in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible referring to it as God’s Book or God’s Book of Remembrance. It contains every deed, thought, and feeling of every soul that has come to be since the dawn of Creation. Even if you have a thought that you do not act upon, the thought is transmitted into the Cosmos and recorded in the records forever.

These past recordings give us an accumulation of each soul’s talents, experiences, inclinations, and desires. These patterns of soul memory are called karma and, for the most part, govern the process of reincarnation. The Akashic Records of the future contain an ever evolving array or realm of possibilities and potentiality. They are the shadows of things that can yet come to be … but are totally dependent upon our choices. Our lives are not predestined … as we live with the opportunity and gift of free will and choice. It is in how we approach and handle these experiences that will determine the outcome.

During a past life regression, images and sensations of previous lifetimes will fill your senses. You will be transported back to a point in time where you lived, worked and played. These sensations will bring forward memories from your past. You will witness your own persona, personality and spirit. Recovering your memories, you will be able to bear witness to your youth, adulthood and understanding of life, its rewards and difficulties.

Take the opportunity to witness the grooming of your spirit, soul and very Being, and enjoy healing all that you are, and all that you can be! And … dress comfortably!

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