Rachelle’s Testimonials

How Reiki Worked for Me … by MJF

I was recently diagnosed with a serious issue with my right coronary artery (RCA).  In short, my RCA was misrouted from birth and blood flow through my RCA was being pinched off, resulting in reduced blood flow to the whole right side of my heart.  The only way to correct this condition was to undergo full-blown open heart surgery.

The trauma of this news put me into a tailspin.  I have always been an athlete, and I was always proud of my physical condition.  This diagnosis challenged my self concept and forced me to face my mortality.  The immediate result was that I was in near panic during the day and was getting very little, if any, sleep at night.  Then, I finally accepted Rachelle Haig’s offer to use the natural healing powers of Reiki to help me through this traumatic life experience.  I had a few sessions with Rachelle before surgery, and I was amazed at the peace I was able to attain.  I had tried many times to meditate over the past few years, but I was never able to relax.  With Rachelle’s spiritual and physical guidance I was able to achieve a new level relaxation.  I have never been able to shut out all the noise of the world and my problems. With the power of Reiki I was not only able to clear my mind while in session, but I was able to sleep soundly at night.  Over the next few preoperative visits I was able to handle my anxiety and sleep without the use of any drugs.  Reiki brought me the sense of peace I needed heading into a very serious surgery.

Post surgery I returned to Rachelle to continue my healing.  Rachelle not only helped me spiritually; but I also believe she was able to awaken my body’s own ability to heal.  I now believe we all have that power within us, but we lose sight of it with all the negative energy that surrounds us.  Reiki helps to open up, perhaps clear, our body’s energy pathways.  For me one of the true benefits of Reiki is my own personal awaking — my recognition that I can play a role in my on health and well being.  Since having this experience, I am now able to relax and meditate on my own.  I also love that Reiki doesn’t ask you to abandon any of your own beliefs.  The spirituality of Reiki is universal.  I recommend Reiki to anyone that is having spiritual or physical difficulties.  But I wouldn’t stop there.  I think Reiki can benefit anyone who desires to slow down and get in contact with their body’s energy and how to use that energy in a way that benefits their life.

Amazing! … by AC

Amazing! I met with Rachelle for a past life reading. The space was sacred, warm and inviting. I felt comfortable and safe. My reading was insightful on many levels, in which Rachelle poured her love into whatever came up. We shed tears and embraced moments of laughter. Through my experience I found forgiveness and the strength to love myself again.I rediscovered the Goddess within me and I am so blessed that Rachelle was there to guide me and be a part of the experience.